REVITALIZE Rosemary + Mint Mineral Soak (2oz)

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Soak in the muscle soothing and detoxing benefits of Dead Sea minerals along with pure Rosemary + Mint essential oils. Turn your bath into a spa retreat with a generous sprinkling of REVITALIZE Mineral Soak. Comes in a perfectly portioned 2oz size (with a zip top if you choose to use less than the full contents).

Dead Sea Mineral Profile: 35% Magnesium Chloride, 26% Potassium Chloride, 4% Sodium Chloride and a bevy of other skin-nourishing minerals such as Bromide, Sulfate, and Calcium Chloride. You will emerge from your bath feeling reinvigorated and oh-so-soft.

Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt, *Essential oil blend

*organic ingredient

Pour contents into bath. Soak 20 minutes. For a foot soak, place 1-2tbsp in foot bath basin and soak for 20 minutes.



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